Beverley Canepari

I’m a blogging, dancing, administrative director.


YEARS AT BUCK'S ROCK: 26, all as staff.

CURRENT POSITION: Administrative Director

HOMETOWN: Glasgow, Scotland…now, New Milford, CT.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT AT BUCK'S ROCK? I’m always at Buck’s Rock! I have the dream life of living here year round with my husband, Forrest Canepari, Buck’s Rock's Operations Director. 

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? Fashion designer, dancer, or administrator (like my dad).

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Warm bread & butter.

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO: Blog, Jazzercise, travel, eat.

FAVORITE BUCK'S ROCK SHOP: Animal farm and batik.

LITTLE-KNOWN FACT: I started my career at Buck’s Rock when I traveled from Scotland to work in the kitchen for the summer… in 1992!

WEIRDEST PERSONAL TALENT: I can twirl a baton and milk a goat, just not at the same time.

BEST PART OF YOUR JOB: Seeing people experience the magic of Buck’s Rock for the first time.


PROUDEST MOMENT:  I co-founded a successful blog, Unlocking Connecticut.

WHERE IS YOUR HAPPY PLACE: Kayaking on the Housatonic River.

SECRET AMBITION: Social media mogul.

OBSESSION: Blogging, iPhone, and whatever I’m currently binge-watching on Netflix!

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staff bev kitchen 1992.jpg