Arrival of Dream On!

It's a warm Tuesday afternoon along Buck's Rock Road.

Dream On-4.jpg

Campers can be found rehearsing for plays near the veggie patch.

Dream On-3.jpg

The pool can be seen from the road side, perched amongst our expansive field where friendly soccer, softball and frisbee games are held.

Dream On-5.jpg

It's 4:15pm which means the day is cooling off and the animals are being fed freshly picked cucumbers - grown at our own veggie garden, I might add!

Dream On-6.jpg
Dream On-8.jpg
Dream On-10.jpg
Dream On-11.jpg
Dream On-13.jpg
Dream On-14.jpg
Dream On-16.jpg

But this is no ordinary Tuesday. This Tuesday we are awaiting the arrival of our cow, Dream On, from Thorncrest Farm!

Dreamy and her mother's milk are used specifically to make the caramels for the Milk House Chocolates. She is a pretty special cow.

Dream On-18.jpg
Dream On-19.jpg
Dream On-23.jpg
Dream On-25.jpg
Dream On-27.jpg
Dream On-28.jpg
Dream On-29.jpg
Dream On-30.jpg
Dream On-32.jpg
Dream On-34.jpg

We are so happy to have Dream On back at camp this summer!