Sculpture Shop and Bronze Pour!

Welcome to Sculpture shop, where every day is a little more weird and wonderful than the last.


It's mold day where campers mixed plaster for the bronze and aluminum pour.


...Oh, Jacob!

Now meet our sculpture Counselor in Training, Alex, who handcrafted these thing-a-ma-jiggys for Harry Potter themed Bastille Day!

Bronze Pour-20.jpg

Here's a sneak peak into what a bronze pour looks like! As you can see a crowd begins to gather in anticipation.

Bronze Pour.jpg

This is Becca, our head of shop! She's goofy, kind and loves bowling!

Bronze Pour-2.jpg

Below we have Jon taking the mold out of the kiln. What's incredibly cool (or... hot?) is that the molds are 900°F!

Bronze Pour-3.jpg
Bronze Pour-4.jpg
Bronze Pour-5.jpg
Bronze Pour-6.jpg
Bronze Pour-7.jpg
Bronze Pour-8.jpg
Bronze Pour-9.jpg
Bronze Pour-10.jpg
Bronze Pour-11.jpg

Our CITs are even given the opportunity to pour bronze into the molds!

Bronze Pour-12.jpg
Bronze Pour-13.jpg

All the excess is poured into an ingot mold to be saved to add the furnace for the next pour.

Bronze Pour-14.jpg


Bronze Pour-16.jpg
Bronze Pour-17.jpg

And as per Buck's Rock style, a crazy banana comes running through camp!

Bronze Pour-18.jpg
Bronze Pour-19.jpg

All in a day at the sculpture shop.



Photographs by Becca Flis and Jehanne-Marie Milne