The First Saturday of Camp!

Campers have settled in and the heat is quite literally turning up at Buck’s Rock.

30 June
30 June
30 June
30 June
Saturday 30 June-17.jpg

Staff worked all week pre camp to clean out the winter gremlins and get shops up and running. There is nothing better than seeing life breathed into the space through our campers’ presence.

We are so particularly appreciative of our kitchen staff who have been working hard every single day to keep the camp fed and to meet all of our varied food needs.

Saturday 30 June-8.jpg
Saturday 30 June-10.jpg

In fact, we have our campers to thank for pointing out this beautiful moment during a photo walk! They got in on the photography action.

Saturday 30 June-12.jpg

This past Saturday marked the first lunch on the lawn for the summer where campers, CITs and staff took a moment to relax and enjoy good food and even better company.

Saturday 30 June-18.jpg
Saturday 30 June-20.jpg
Saturday 30 June-27.jpg
Saturday 30 June-25.jpg

Things are just warming up, and we're so excited for our summer together!