MuShed Concert

A crowd gathered last night at Buck's Rock's Music Shed to enjoy performances by campers, CITs and staff.

Performers were seen before the show practicing in the surrounding areas.

MuShed Concert.jpg
MuShed Concert-5.jpg

Performances like this not only give campers interested in music an opportunity to learn new skills, but also allow those interested in photography and video to engage in learning!

MuShed Concert-3.jpg
MuShed Concert-6.jpg

And the show begins!

MuShed Concert-7.jpg
MuShed Concert-8.jpg
MuShed Concert-11.jpg
MuShed Concert-12.jpg
MuShed Concert-13.jpg
MuShed Concert-14.jpg
MuShed Concert-15.jpg
MuShed Concert-16.jpg
MuShed Concert-17.jpg
MuShed Concert-18.jpg
MuShed Concert-19.jpg
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MuShed Concert-24.jpg
MuShed Concert-25.jpg
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MuShed Concert-27.jpg
MuShed Concert-28.jpg
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MuShed Concert-34.jpg
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MuShed Concert-36.jpg
MuShed Concert-37.jpg
MuShed Concert-38.jpg
MuShed Concert-39.jpg
MuShed Concert-40.jpg

The performers received a hearty round of applause from the audience!

MuShed Concert-43.jpg

Until next time!



Photographs by Jehanne-Marie Milne