MuShed Recital

On Tuesday 10th July we had our annual MuShed Recital - and no, not the "mushed" recital. It's MuShed, as in Music Shed. As in "mm-you-shed". Okay, onwards with the pretty things like photographs of our talented, awesome campers and staff with their shiny instruments.

Mushed Recital.jpg
Mushed Recital-3.jpg
Mushed Recital-4.jpg
Mushed Recital-8.jpg
Mushed Recital-10.jpg
Mushed Recital-12.jpg
Mushed Recital-14.jpg
Mushed Recital-19.jpg
Mushed Recital-20.jpg
Mushed Recital-22.jpg
Mushed Recital-24.jpg
Mushed Recital-25.jpg
Mushed Recital-27.jpg
Mushed Recital-28.jpg
Mushed Recital-30.jpg
Mushed Recital-31.jpg
Mushed Recital-32.jpg
Mushed Recital-34.jpg
Mushed Recital-36.jpg
Mushed Recital-39.jpg
Mushed Recital-40.jpg
Mushed Recital-42.jpg

Another resounding round of applause for all the hardworking Buck's Rock elves that put everything in place for us to come together in community on a warm July evening to enjoy some sweet tunes!