"No" Talent Night!

This summer our "No” Talent Night resurfaced, replacing our Talent Night. At Buck’s Rock we are committed to supporting effort and process over the final product, and we seek to cultivate a non-competitive and safe environment for young people to explore their passions.

Our "No" Talent Night was held in the Pavilion, perched amidst expansive grass dotted with gazebos and picnic benches.

No Talent Night-2.jpg
No Talent Night.jpg

Thank you to our evening activities co-ordinator, Zeke, for keeping camp lively and entertaining after shops close.

No Talent Night-3.jpg

Campers sung, played instruments, danced, performed poetry, told stories and jokes.

No Talent Night-5.jpg
No Talent Night-6.jpg
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No Talent Night-27.jpg

And campers like Zev just couldn't help but throw themselves on the ground in fits of laughter at hilarious performances!

No Talent Night-28.jpg
No Talent Night-29.jpg
No Talent Night-31.jpg
No Talent Night-33.jpg
No Talent Night-34.jpg

Here at Buck's Rock we are proud to foster a supportive environment for campers (and staff!) to explore their passions and interests in a safe space!