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Welcome to Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts
Family Camp, August 10-17, 2019!

We are excited to be offering our first Family Camp at Buck's Rock. We have received many requests for this program. If you would like to enroll in our 2019 Family Camp program, please understand the following constraints.

• Although we hope to offer an Adult camp in the future, you must attend with your children to participate in Family Camp 2019.

• Buck’s Rock Family Camp 2019 is a Pilot Program, our ability to hold Family camp in 2019 will depend on receiving sufficient enrollment. We reserve the right to cancel Family Camp. If we cancel Family Camp, we will refund all deposits and tuition paid for Family Camp. We will make a final decision by June 1st, 2019 if not sooner.

• The cost of Family Camp will be $1,990 per person. There is a three-person minimum charge per bunk. Children two years of age and under are free.

• This is a new program. Offering this program is contingent on sufficient enrollment. If we do not receive sufficient enrollment, and we are not able to offer the program, all tuition payments will be refunded.

• This is a Pilot Program. We have a very good idea about what Family Camp will look and feel like at Buck's Rock, but there will be some growing pains and we ask you to bear with us both in the enrollment process and during attendance.

• This summer we are offering one Family Camp program during the last week of our regular camp program. Regular campers will be in attendance. Please understand that there will be other children and teenagers in attendance.

• Your children are your responsibility. There will be no separate programs for your children. If they are of camper age, 11-18 years old, they may work in the shops independently.  If they are ten years old and younger you must supervise them AT ALL TIMES. This is Family Camp, a time to go to camp with your family.  It is not Club Med where you will leave your children with us so that you can blow glass or weave your blanket. We recommend that if you bring young children that you come with a spouse, partner or friend so that you can take turns supervising your young children. It is also great fun to attend shops with your children and watch them discover the excitement of dance, theater, music, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry making, etc.  

• Children that are not at least the age of our Junior Campers (9 years old) will not be able to participate in the "Hot Shops" i.e. Glassblowing, Flameworking, etc. However, there are many activities that will be available for children 8 years old and younger. 9-year-olds and older will be able to participate in all Buck's Rock Shops.

• All participants 18 years old and older attending Family Camp must undergo a background check.

It’s time to come to Buck’s Rock with your family!

It’s time to come to Buck’s Rock with your family!