Buck's Rock's 76th Summer is Underway!

Dear Buck’s Rock Families,

We hope you're having a wonderful summer so far. We certainly are! Our 76th Summer of Buck's Rock is off to a great start!

Here’s a quick round-up of all the ways in which you can stay in touch with all the happenings at Buck’s Rock.


Performance Calendar – Dates of performances can be found here:

A couple of things to remember...

Campers will have access to their phones between 12-2pm every day, starting Wednesday, July 4. 

Visiting Buck's Rock:
Buck's Rock Camp will be open to visitors on Wednesday, July 4 through the remainder of the session. Please note that for security reasons, we are now asking that all visitors let us know at least 24 hours in advance that they're going to be visiting camp at office@bucksrockcamp. If you know of relatives that will be visiting, you can email us on their behalf so that we can add their names to the list.  Please remember that dogs and other pets are not allowed at camp.

Let us know ASAP if your child would like to extend their stay at camp. We still have a few spots left. A one-week extension costs $1,500, two weeks is $2,500, and four weeks is $3,990. Please contact bev@bucksrockcamp.com.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, check out the Photoblog, and contact us if you have any questions!

Scott Kraiterman
Camp Director

Get the word out!

Help us spread the word about Buck’s Rock

for Summer 2018

We know Buck’s Rock is a unique and special place. It changed my life as a teenager and I see how it continues to transform the lives of hundreds of campers each and every summer. However, we believe there are many potential Buck’s Rockers out there who just don’t know about Buck’s Rock, or they fear summer camp is too expensive and beyond their reach. We want you to help us change that by getting the word out about Buck’s Rock to your friends, your extended family, and your community.

When I came back to Buck’s Rock after 35 years, the biggest surprise for me was that there wasn’t a waiting list of campers beating down the door to get into Buck’s Rock. Our goal isn’t to fill Buck’s Rock to the point where campers have to wait in line to get into shops, but simply to reach our capacity of about 325 campers per session. Although several of our sessions over the past two years have been full, we have had other sessions with as many as 50 spaces available. I know that there are at least an additional 50 campers from Maine to Florida and from San Diego to Seattle, and everywhere in between that would like to have an amazing summer at Buck’s Rock.
I was fortunate to attend Buck’s Rock on financial aid, for which I am still grateful. We know not every family can afford to pay full tuition. That’s why we’ve begun using School and Student Services (SSS by NAIS). This system will help us process more financial aid applications and help make Buck’s Rock accessible to more campers and families. Through the nonprofit, Friends of Buck’s Rock, we are able to provide some full scholarships. But they are currently full for Summer 2018. However, we are able to provide at least some aid to every family in need. In the future, we hope to be able to add additional full scholarships as well.

What can you do to help? 
You can help us get the word out to Great Buck’s Rockers!

Who is a Great Buck’s Rocker?

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker is a child or teenager ages 9 to 17 who thinks outside the box  

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker likes to march to their own beat

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker likes to make things and build stuff

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker can be creative, musical, theatrical, or like to work with their hands

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker can be artistic

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker doesn’t have to be artistic

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker doesn’t need to spend their whole summer playing sports

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker enjoys independence and responsibility

  • A Great Buck’s Rocker is a unique and special individual!

If you know a family with a child or teenager between the ages of 9 and 17 who would be a Great Buck’s Rocker, we want to send them one of our awesome new Buck’s Rock coloring books with a brochure about Buck’s Rock. 
Your to do’s:

  1. Please send us the email address of families you think would make Great Buck’s Rockers or complete this referral link: https://bucksrock.campintouch.com/ui/forms/client/referral/Form.

  2. Please email or text them this link: https://bucksrock.campintouch.com/v2/family/inquiryForm.aspx to enter their address to receive more information.

  3. Please post the following message below on Facebook, Instagram, your parent community group listserv, at your child’s school, and on any other social media platforms (feel free to edit):

Our child(ren) attend Buck’s Rock Performing & Creative Arts Camp and it is The Most Amazing Place in the World! 
I went to Buck’s Rock Performing & Creative Arts Camp and it was The Most Amazing and Transformative Experience of my Life!  
Do you know a child or teenager between the ages of 9 and 17 who:

  • thinks outside the box  
  • marches to their own beat
  • likes to make things and build stuff
  • is creative, musical, theatrical, or likes to work with their hands  
  • doesn’t need to spend their whole summer playing sports
  • is artistic
  • enjoys independence and responsibility
  • is a unique and special individual!

Click here:
or send an email with your mailing address to info@bucksrockcamp.com and they will send you a super cool Buck’s Rock coloring book and more information about Buck’s Rock, the most amazing place in the world for creative and artistic kids and teenagers!
Thank you for being part our Buck’s Rock Community and spreading the word! Enrollment is now open for all sessions for Summer 2018. And don’t forget, applications must be received by December 1st, 2017 to receive Early Bird rates. We look forward to seeing you in 2018! 
Noah Salzman
Executive Director

Newsletter Fall 2017

Dear Buck's Rockers,

We are settled into our winter offices and already hard at work planning for another fantastic summer. Our goal for the summer of 2018 is for all of our campers to say that it’s the best summer at Buck’s Rock, ever! We have many exciting things to share with you, our Buck’s Rock community. 


2017 marked our 75th Summer to Discover and we celebrated at camp, hosting an amazing reunion of over 600 alums, reigniting old friendships, and forging new ones side by side with our current campers and staff.  It was a truly special day and, to quote one of our previous Directors, was “One of the best days in the history of Buck’s Rock.” Check out our photoblog for pics of the day.  

As many of you know, at the 75th reunion, we began unveiling new names of our camper bunks. The camper bunks have been officially renamed as follows:

  • Boys House is now called Bulova house to honor our founders Ernst and Ilse Bulova.
  • Boys Annex will now be known as The Annex.
  • Boys Cabins is now being called Romeo and Juliet.  Romeo is downstairs and Juliet is upstairs.  On the balcony.  Get it?
  • Girls House is now Simon House to honor Lou and Sybil who were the owners/directors for two decades.
  • Girls Annex 1 and 2 are now Ernst House and Ilse House, respectively.
  • Girls Cabins are now The Cabins.
  • And Girls Terrace 1 and 2 are now Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace.

We have exciting news regarding our leadership team!


Scott Kraiterman did an amazing job as Assistant Director in 2017 and will be taking on the position of full Director. Scott has been a camper, CIT, JC and counselor at Buck’s Rock and this summer will be his 22nd summer at camp. We are fortunate to have him on board!

Another new addition to our Leadership Team is Nicole Singer. After being a camper, staff member and head of our Ceramics Shop, we are very pleased that she will be joining us for the upcoming summer. Nicole and Rob Kuropatwa are both being promoted to the position of Program Director. Nicole and Rob both started their time at Buck’s Rock as campers many summers ago.

Photo credit: Eileen Meny

Photo credit: Eileen Meny

Sam Kusnetz also joins the Leadership Team in the newly created position of Director of Performing Arts. In this role, Sam will be overseeing music, dance, and theater as well as doing what he does best, which is supporting all of the performing arts staff.  And yes, Sam began his life at Buck’s Rock as a camper as well. We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sam and Alana (Buck’s Rock’s Head Lighting Designer) on their recent marriage! That makes 2573 Buck’s Rock weddings!

Sonya Kuropatwa and Andrew Marathas have joined our Leadership Team as well, although they will remain in their current positions as head of Dance and Painting, respectively. We couldn’t be happier with decades of experience at Buck’s Rock that we are bringing to the Leadership Team!

Enrollment is now open for Summer of 2018

The early enrollment deadline is December 1st, so be sure to enroll before this date to receive a 3% discount. And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Buck’s Rock!  
We hope you will join us at our annual Reunion at the NY Society for Ethical Culture on December 2nd from 2-4pm.

We look forward to seeing you all at Buck’s Rock in the Summer of 2018!

Noah Salzman
Executive Director

Policy Changes for the Summer of 2018

We will be making one major change regarding campers that receive medication during the summer.  We will once again be requiring your camper’s medication to be pre-packaged by a pharmacy before your camper arrives at camp. This policy will reduce the possibility of your camper receiving an incorrect medicine or dosage. Your camper will also spend less time waiting in line and our nurses will have more time to devote to your camper’s health care needs.  

Cell Phones:
Although we WILL NOT be changing the cell phone policy this summer, we will be looking at reducing the amount of time that campers have access to their phones in the future.  In the meantime, if you would like to limit the screen time of your campers while still being able to communicate with them, we recommend that you purchase a flip phone or feature phone for your child.