Making Camp Affordable

Buck's Rock Camp is committed to making camp affordable for as many campers as possible. Our goal is to make camp work for your family. Tuition Assistance provides assistance to families for whom payment of full tuition is not possible. The amount awarded is determined on the basis of need, as well as the availability of funds. We strive to make the process as easy, confidential, and fair as possible.

Many families do not believe that they will qualify for assistance, but most families that apply qualify for some assistance. We encourage you to apply!

Tuition Assistance Process

  1. To apply for Tuition Assistance, first complete an application for your camper to attend Buck’s Rock by clicking here.

  2. Send in your deposit by check. If we are not able to come to an agreement on tuition assistance, your deposit will be fully refunded.

  3. After you've completed the camp application, click here to complete the Tuition Assistance Application and pay the non-refundable $49 application fee to School and Student Services (see below for more information about SSS). You will be asked to upload tax returns as part of your Tuition Assistance Application.

  4. Once your completed Tuition Assistance Application has been submitted, we will review your application. We will notify applicants within 2 to 4 weeks. We review applications on a rolling basis.

  5. You have 2 weeks to accept or decline the offer. After 2 weeks we will no longer hold the award for you.

We use School and Student Services (SSS) to process our Tuition Assistance applications so that we can provide support to as many families as possible. The process used to determine eligibility for tuition assistance is comprehensive and includes the evaluation of each family's application. Tuition assistance decisions are based on verified financial need. Major components that determine the awarding of tuition assistance include a family's income and assets (including support from other family members), as well as family size, unusual expenses, and the number of children attending Buck’s Rock Camp. To ensure a fair and equitable assessment of tuition assistance, SSS impartially analyzes the financial information that each family provides, computes the family's discretionary income, and recommends the family's contribution to tuition. We review the SSS award recommendations and then apply our own award criteria taking into account the finite amount of tuition assistance funding available. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to help campers of diverse socio-economic backgrounds attend Buck's Rock camp.

In Addition to Tuition Assistance, We Offer the Following Discounts for Summer 2019

  • Super early enrollment bonus: enroll on or before Festival (August 18, 2018) to receive a Buck’s Rock water bottle or baseball cap.

  • Early enrollment discount: enroll by December 1st, 2018 to receive a 3% discount on your 2019 Summer Tuition.

  • Sibling discount: when registering siblings, the sibling with the lower tuition receives a 5% discount.

$500 New Camper Referral Bonus

Refer a new family to Buck's Rock and you both save! You will receive a $500 credit toward your camper's enrollment in a Summer 2019 session for each new camper you refer who enrolls in a Summer 2019 session. The new family will also receive a $500 credit for each new camper they enroll in a Summer 2019 session.* Refer as many families as you like and receive a $500 credit for each new camper enrolled!

Click here to refer a new family:

*New families must inform us that they were referred by another family in the camper application in Camp In Touch to receive the referral bonus. 

*Families applying for Tuition Assistance qualify for the credit.

If you have any questions Tuition Assistance, Discounts, or Dates & Rates, give us a call at
860-354-5030. We'd love to connect!