Our staff are inspired youth mentors dedicated to supporting each camper as they explore new passions, develop confidence, and awaken their sense of purpose and joy.


Our Staff

Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Summer Camp is extremely proud of our talented and diverse group of counselors. About 40 percent of our staff are international and come from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and throughout Europe. Our counselors bring different experiences and knowledge to Buck’s Rock while enhancing our cultural diversity.

We are particularly proud that we retain a significant percentage of our staff from year to year. In addition, a number of our staff have had the experience of being campers and CITs, offering the unique perspective of being able to closely relate to the experiences of our campers. These staff members return year after year because they, like our teen and junior campers, thrive on the magic of Buck’s Rock.

These returning staff members help to provide stability to our programs, in addition to bringing valuable experience in the fine arts, theater and acting, rock music and other areas, and foster a strong community atmosphere.


Staff Requirements

All summer staff at Buck's Rock Camp are required to be at least 18 years old, graduated high school, and have experience working with youth. All staff are required to provide multiple references and pass a background check.  All staff are required to work the full season.  We do not have any part time positions.

Questions about staffing? See our FAQ section. Still stumped?
Call us at 860-354-5030 or email bucksrock@bucksrockcamp.com with your question, we’d love to answer it!

2019 Staff Schedule

Support Staff Arrive: June 17th
Regular Staff Arrive: June 20th
Staff Depart: August 19th