Our staff are inspired youth mentors dedicated to supporting each camper as they explore new passions, develop confidence, and awaken their sense of purpose and joy.


Our Staff

Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Summer Camp is extremely proud of our talented and diverse group of counselors. About 40 percent of our staff are international and come from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and throughout Europe. Our counselors bring different experiences and knowledge to Buck’s Rock while enhancing our cultural diversity.

We are particularly proud that we retain a significant percentage of our staff from year to year. In addition, a number of our staff have had the experience of being campers and CITs, offering the unique perspective of being able to closely relate to the experiences of our campers. These staff members return year after year because they, like our teen and junior campers, thrive on the magic of Buck’s Rock.

These returning staff members help to provide stability to our programs, in addition to bringing valuable experience in the fine arts, theater and acting, rock music and other areas, and foster a strong community atmosphere.


Staff Requirements

All summer staff at Buck's Rock Camp are required to be at least 18 years old, graduated high school, and have experience working with youth. All staff are required to provide multiple references and pass a background check.  All staff are required to work the full season.  We do not have any part time positions.

Questions about staffing? See our FAQ section. Still stumped?
Call us at 860-354-5030 or email bucksrock@bucksrockcamp.com with your question, we’d love to answer it!

2019 Staff Schedule

Support Staff Arrive: June 17th
Regular Staff Arrive: June 20th
Staff Depart: August 19th

We’re hiring 2019 Summer Staff right now! Scroll through and click on the different staff categories to see the positions available.

The staff at Buck's Rock Camp comprise a family with one goal: to create the best summer experience for our campers. This requires a tremendous amount of energy, hard work, patience, and flexibility. The days are long and demanding but the summer is short. 

The benefits are enormous. Do you want to make memories and friends that last a lifetime? Are you ready to create and teach art all summer long? Do you love helping campers thrive and grow? Be part of our enthusiastic and caring staff family. The rewards from camp don’t end once summer is over. They continue throughout your life as you become part of a network that supports and nourishes you for many years to come.

Staff applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, however most staff positions are filled by mid-January. We encourage you to apply now if you’re interested in working at camp. 


Performing Arts Instructors
General Job Description

Performing Arts Instructors are responsible for the successful operation of their area by collectively developing with their group of staff a program and schedule that sufficiently satisfies the demand and interest of campers. Each area consists of one Head of the department, Instructors, and often Junior Counselors and Counselors-In-Training (CITs).

Performing Arts Instructors should be prepared to teach campers who have had little or no experience in that medium and will stimulate their interest and allow them to learn about the art. An instructor should, therefore, be equipped to assist all demands, beginner to advanced. All instructors should show as much interest in the campers' learning as in the performances they work on. At Buck’s Rock, the process and not the product is paramount in our teaching philosophy. The result is not necessarily the reward or the glory; the learning process should be considered as worthwhile and fulfilling as the project itself, whatever the final outcome.

Theater & technical theater positions


Lighting and sound design

set design


Music positions

Bass (Upright/Electric)


Creative & Visual Arts Instructors
General Job Description

Visual Arts Instructors (Shop Instructors) are responsible for the successful operation of their area. As a team, the shop staff collectively develops a program that satisfies the interests of campers and is encouraging and welcoming for campers who are new. A shop consists of one Shop Head, Counselors, and often Junior Counselors and Counselors-In-Training (CITs). 

Shop counselors assist each camper in their creative endeavors in the shop, guiding the camper through the safe and skillful use of equipment and materials to realize their artistic goals. Shop Counselors may provide a variety of example projects, and they should also be prepared to suggest projects to campers who have had little or no experience in that medium.

Shop counselors are versatile teachers who can work with beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers, and who are willing to improve their teaching practice with the help of their fellow counselors.


creative and Visual Arts Positions

Animal Farm


Culinary Arts




Printmaking and Silkscreen

Graphic Design/web design/Layout




Sports Staff


Support Staff


Wellness staff



kitchen & dinning hall staff



Misc. Support Staff

Evening Activities Coordinator

Camp Driver

Office assistant



Be A Mentor!

The staff at Buck's Rock Camp are musicians, actors, dancers, artists, farmers, cooks, educators and lovers of life who have demonstrated strong skills in working with children and adolescents through prior experience. We want YOU to join our team!

Why should I work at Buck's Rock?

Working at Buck's Rock Camp is a rewarding and unique experience. Each day our staff change the lives of our campers. Our staff is a strong, close-knit community of artists, educators, and creative people who love waking up each morning at camp. If you love working with kids and being part of a team, you'll love working at Buck's Rock!

What qualifications do I need to be a staff member?

At a minimum you need to be at least 18 years old, graduated high school, have experience working with youth, and excited to work at camp! Many staff positions require additional work experience and training. 

What if I’m interested in multiple positions?

That's great! You can mark down which positions you're interested in when you fill out your staff application. Once we receive your application, we'll be in touch with you about which positions we think are the best fit. 

When should I apply to work at camp?

Now! Staff applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. We will update the staff page to reflect which positions are still open. 

How do I apply to work at camp?

You can apply to work at camp by filling out an online application. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Apply Now" button to start your application.

can i work at Buck's rock for only one session?

We only accept applications for staff who are able to work the full nine week season from June 21, 2018 - August 20, 2018.

Where is camp? What are the facilities and what is nearby?

Camp is located on 116 secluded acres of rolling New England foothills in New Milford, Connecticut, about 80 miles north of New York City. We have an outdoor swimming pool, a communal dining hall, a staff lounge with vending machines and an air conditioned media room, more than 30 shops in visual, performing, culinary and musical arts, two performance theaters- one indoor and one outdoor, a fire circle, and outdoor playing fields with basketball and tennis courts. Camp is just three miles from shops, restaurants, and a movie theater in downtown New Milford, 20 miles from a large shopping mall with many amenities in Danbury, about 9 miles from hiking and camping at Lake Waramoug, and near countless other lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and parks.

What are the accommodations for staff?

The majority of our staff live in dorm rooms with other staff members. House counselors live in rooms adjacent to the rooms of the campers in their age group. Our dorms are equipped with electricity. Bathrooms and showers are shared. There is a weekly laundry service and a staff lounge with air conditioning and vending machines. 

Will I get days off and free time?

Every staff member receives one day off each week to rest, rejuvenate, and build community with other staff. Break time for each staff member is built into the daily schedule. 


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Email us at bucksrock@bucksrockcamp.com with your questions or call the office at 860-354-5030.